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           Chinese Painting and Calligraphy courses


老師生於香港,習書法及國畫逾20多年。 跟隨當今嶺南畫派大師楊建法習畫,同時亦拜書法名家余寄撫門下學習書法。於2006年獲奖於加拿大世界日報舉辦的國畫及書法比賽,亦曾於第=屆全港中文書法比賽中獲公開組優異奖,於2013年初獲沙田區書法比賽冠軍。曾多次參與書畫聯展,作品亦曾作國內及美、加之巡迴展。曾參與伙炭藝術工作室開放計劃及作多場即席示範。現為香港今畫會會員及香港書法愛好者拹會永久會員。

 Ms. Tse is born in Hong Kong and studied Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese painting for over 20 years. She studied Chinese painting with Mr. YEUNG Kin-fat, a contemporary master of the Lingnam School of Painting. She studied Chinese Calligraphy with Mr. YU Kee-fu, a famous Hong Kong calligraphist. Ms TSE was awarded outstanding achievements at a calligraphy and Chinese painting sponsored by the World Journal (Canada) in 2006. She was also awarded outstanding prize in the second Hong Kong Open Chinese Calligraphy competition. She was the Champion in the Sha Tin District Open Chinese Calligraphy Competition held in 2013.

Ms. TSE took part in various joint Chinese painting exhibition in Hong Kong, in China and also in the USA. She took an active role in the Fotainian Open Studio and held demonstrations both in CHinese painting and calligraphy. She is member of the To-day's Chinese Art Association and life member of the Hong Kong Association of Amateur Calligraphists.


                                               A.  Chinese Painting

                                         B.  Chinese Calligraphy


Timing (every Monday)           Adult classes     1200 - 1330  (Chinese Painting)

                                                                    1400 - 1500  (Calligraphy class)

 Class size                                                    2 to 6

Private lesson             1  to 1


 Curriculum                 Chinese Painting for adults

                                  Basic skill in paint brush handling

                                  Use of Chinese ink and colours and their applications

                                  Introduction to the Lingnam School of painting                                    


                                  Calligraphy classes for adults

                                  Skill in the handling of the brush pen and pen stroke skill improvement

                                  Skill in the structuring of Chinese Words

                                  Copying of famous Chinese calligraphic master pieces

 Course fees               Chinese Painting             $200 (90 minutes)
                                  Chinese Calligraphy        $150 (60 minutes)
                                  Private lesson                $300 (60 minutes)